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Top 10 Scholarships in France For International Students 2024

France’s education system is often recognized as one of the greatest in the world. Because overseas students have numerous excellent opportunities in France. The following are the Top 10 Scholarships in France 2024 for International Students. Students in France can benefit from low tuition fees and a large number of international scholarships. Applicants of all countries are eligible for these fully paid scholarships.

Studying in France reduces students’ financial load. The most amazing aspect of the French educational system is how long school days are in comparison to those in other countries. Apply now for a French government scholarship. There are almost 300 different course options at many French universities. Candidates with undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral degrees are eligible.

Top 10 Scholarships in France 2024 For International Students

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

For undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their degrees in fully funded master’s and doctoral scholarships in France, there is the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program. This scholarship in France is fully funded for overseas students and you have a variety of academic fields to choose from. Choose a French university based on your interests. There is actually Good News—there is NO Application Fee. Last year, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs awarded 378 scholarships.

ENS International Selection Scholarships

A scholarship for master’s degrees in the humanities, arts, and sciences is offered by ENS International. Consider applying for this scholarship because it is the most deserving and promising one in France. It takes three years to complete a degree. You’ll pursue your studies at institutions linked to the ENS International Scholarship. Each year, selected students will receive one of 20 total scholarships.

Ampere Scholarships of Excellence 

Ampere Scholarships are available to international students studying at ENS de Lyon. The ENS de Lyon and its partners provide scholarships (Ampère & MILYON Scholarships) to outstanding overseas students wishing to pursue Master’s degrees at the ENS de Lyon.

Emile Boutmy Scholarships at Sciences Po University

Fill out an application for the Sciences Po University’s Emile Boutmy Scholarships for International Students. Non-European students may apply for this scholarship in France to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program, a master’s degree program, or a post-doctoral program in Paris. This Paris Scholarship is open to individuals of any country. Half of the 14,000 students at Sciences Po University are from outside the country.

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Université Paris Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

You can earn your degree from one of more than 8 universities if you qualify for this scholarship. There are no clinical medical courses available; only academic courses. For the duration of the scholarship, the organization will pay 10,000 dollars directly to the institution.

MIEM Excellence Scholarship

IdEx Université de Paris has established the MIEM Excellence Scholarship in Paris. There is no registration fee to apply for MIEM’s France Scholarship. In fact, this MIEM Excellence Scholarship is open to people of all nationalities worldwide. Apply online for a scholarship in France for students from outside of France.

Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation Scholarships

At Grenoble Institute of Technology, this scholarship will pay 5000 Euro per semester. 2 years is the duration. The course will be delivered in English.

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INSEAD MBA Scholarships

MBA holders are eligible for an INSEAD scholarship. The scholarships are worth $5,000 to $25,000 each. An INSEAD MBA pays off both professionally and personally over the course of a lifetime. However, pursuing an MBA requires a significant time and financial commitment; as a result, candidates should carefully examine and plan for this investment.

France Government Scholarship

The French Government Scholarship for International Students is now accepting applications. This scholarship is fully funded and allows the recipient to pursue both a master’s and a doctoral degree. Any applicant from any nation, with any academic background, is eligible to apply for the Campus France scholarship. The French Ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and of Higher Education are the sponsors of this French Government Scholarship.

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HEC Paris MBA Scholarships

This award is available to applicants of all nationalities and academic backgrounds. There are two types of HEC scholarships: need-based and merit-based. The scholarship ranges in value from €6,000 to €24,000.

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