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Anonymous Hope Fund Scholarships for African students 2022/2023

Anonymous Hope Fund Scholarships for African Students: The program is accessible for the 2022–2023 academic year. The scholarshipswill provide financial assistance to full-time undergraduate, PhD, and MPhil students who wish to study and conduct research in a variety of fields throughout Africa.

About Anonymous Hope Fund

The Anonymous Hope Fund® is an international Organization established in 2017 with the mission of empowering, educating, emotionally encouraging, mentoring and practically assisting people in second and third world countries to live better and more successful lives by freeing them from poverty, violence, hunger and homelessness .

We do this through supporting humanitarian projects, assisting communities, directly funding individuals and funding several businesses which are aligned to our visions and missions .

As we are pushing to empower the next generation, Anonymous Hope Fund® has gained global outreach and recognition as an outstanding pillar of global financial support.

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Our projects are not about quick wins, but rather about long-term successes. We want to ensure that the benefits of our work lasts over time and allows third world communities to develop their own unique economies in a sustainable manner, without becoming dependent on first world communities.

We constantly research and employ the best practices in our programs to ensure success over time and provide long-lasting benefits. Our desire is that our intervention would serve as a catalyst for communities to flourish. 

Brief Description

Scholarship Sponsor(s): Anonymous Hope Fund

Host Institution(s): Universities in Africa

Scholarship Worth: $3000

Number of Awards: Several

Study Level: undergraduate, PhD, and MPhil

Nationality: International Students

Deadline :27 November 2023


  • Must be a citizen of the regions where we operate that are listed below
  • Must be enrolled in a University

Scholarship Benefits

Funded tuition of up-to $3000 per semester

How to Apply for Anonymous Hope Fund Scholarships for African Students

Visit to learn more about our education grants.



  1. I received an education grant from Anonymous Hope Fund, can I reapply for a business grant and be awarded before this year ends?

  2. I applied for 3000dollars and they only gave me 1850 dollars, thats far less than what i applied for, why do they do it like that , cant Anonymous Hope Fund give us just the amount we apply for?

    • Its always the organization to decide how much you should receive in grants , i also received a diffrent amount from what i had applied for from AHF

  3. We thank your grant to our company of $24,000 we don’t know how our company would have survived the problem of poor Quality cheese production without your hand of assistance the funds were used to purchase the MOZZARELLA CHEESE PRODUCTION LINE as we stated in the application, at first I personally was hard to convince until we recieved the funds on our company’s bank account Thank you so much Anonymous Hope Fund on behalf of WEST DAIRIES I remain Ronald Iheme.

  4. She was always worried because she thought she not going back to school and then God answered our prayers we were directed to anonymous hope fund and we were helped thanks the anonymous hope you for the scholarship

  5. Dear anonymous hope I request for a scholarship opportunity to achieve my dream.I completed the application.The semester started already but am still at home because of tuition that I can’t afford.I will be very grateful if I get that chance and will truly utilize it very well

  6. I am in Cameroon.
    Do I have a chance to benefit from AHF?
    Am desperate. I don’t know how I will manage to attend my masters program this year, and I’m short of time.
    Please help me.

  7. Dear Anonymous Hope fund,
    I am from Kenya admitted to study at KTH in Sweden. Am I eligible for the education scholarship?


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